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When to ask her out?


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If you have any classes with her, try to make as much eye contact with her as you can. Don't stare, but if she looks into your eys, smile and she will probably smile back. Flirt with her and make a good impression.


The day of her birthday or the day after, get her alone, in private. There is nothing worse than being turned down in front of a group of people. If she says no and you nobly accept her decision, she might come back to you at a later date. At any rate, if you ask her then and she says no, it will make her feel crappy to turn you dawn, especially if she does have some sort of feelings towards you.


Good luck. Be a gentleman and make your impression be the standard by which she rates all others. Nice guys only finnish last in a losers race. Let the loserswin at losing and you will victoriously finnish knowing that you will be happier in the end.


I wish you the best of luck,



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