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how shoudl i aprouch this....

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ok how should i handle this situation.,.....


New GF

shes never kissed or made out or anything....(shes totaly un experienced in dating)


and i have no idea at wut pace to do this stuff or or like how to aprouh it with out frekeing her out..... and i want it to be like really nie for her first reall relarionship




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well..... shes not my gf yet but im just thinking ahead u know... ouse well its starting to piss me off..... everyone of my friends is like i KNOW WHO HE LIEKS!!!! then they run up to her and is like I KNOW WHO LIKES U !!!!! and im like shut up.... shut up!!! SHUT UP!!!! lol and idk i think i ay ask her out this monday if i can set up a time wit her but thanx for posting!!!

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Well Hello there Darkblue... lol. we meet in the oddest places.


Hutch... dont' let your mates upset you. They are just jealous. And believe me when I tell you, they are watching your every move and taking notes. So, let them razz you. Take it in stride...and just give them a grin and a wink.


About your girl... take your time and don't be nervous. I think everyone of us went through that palm sweating stage at one time or another. Its only natural. Go ahead and ask her out. Where you asking her out to anyway if I may ask?


On the date. Enjoy yourself. Be yourself. Everyone worries about that first kiss and that first touch. Try to put your mind to rest and just get to know the girl a little better. Nature will take its course. At some point you'll feel comfortable to hold her hand. Let say if you were seeing a movie... you'd reach over and hold her hand. Holding hands is a good thing. LOL. Gosh this takes me back a way's... lol.


If I remember correctly... my first real date ended with the "obligatory" good night kiss. But before he kissed me.. he thanked me for a nice evening, told me he had a nice time and hoped I did to. And asked me if I'd see him again maybe the following saturday night... then he leaned over and kissed me very chastely on the cheek. lol.


It was most probably our second date when I got a chaste kiss on the lips. LOL.


Relax. Let nature take its course. You'll know. Girls are so much more forward today then when I was 16... so its a bit difficult for me to gauge and give advice. But I'd always say... error on the side of caution. I don't care what ERA a girl comes from the first kiss, the first date, the first hand-holding.... should always be sweet and unpressured.


Good-luck and let us know what she says, where you take her...and how your date was. lol.


Ahhhhhhh to be sweet 16 again.... eh Darkblue?? lol

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Ah yes, the Gurus; reunited.


Wise words from SL and experienced flashbacks from a very sweet first date

Nothing like harmless fun; which seems to be ever more lacking in modern relationships.


I would also like to pick up an emphasis on 'being yourself'. It's always nice if she gets to know you and even the clumsy, sweaty palmed boy you may be.

It's an innocence long forgotten.


Treat her like a special friend and have fun

Good Luck.

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