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Why do i do this to people?

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Well it all started when i went to college last year, before that i was a outgoing person. During highschool i knew almost everybody, i did the whole sports thing through my senior year. There wasn't anyone that i couldn't go up and talk to and start a solid conversation. But now, in my sophmore year in college i seems to blow people off that try and approch me. For example, at the beginning of the semester (in a large lecture class) a girl sat down next to me, she sparked up a conservation, i followed with introducing myself, ect. Even though i felt comfortable around her, within the third class i stopped talking to her. This has happened with more than one person. Girls will give all the signs but i pertend that im not insterted, not in even being friends. Guys have asked me to parties, but i continue to be a no-show. I don't know what im doing, but it feels wrong. I'd like to think that this doesn't make me a bad person, but i know that i'm possibably hurting people.

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I do the same thing. I go through phases. I don't want to call anyone, and I have been invited to go places, declined even though I have nothing to do. There really is no rythme or reason for it. I think it is your sub-conscious or something just wanting time alone. I am sure this happens to people more often than not.

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