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Same problem...but different

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Well, basically, I was going to talk to a girl in my class so that I would have someone to talk to. But, it turns out I am too shy to even say "Hello"!


I can't seem to just go up to her and start talking . I have thought about giving her a note saying that I am shy and asking her if I can talk to her. Because I think this will be the only way I can do this. It would also give her time to think about it and get used to it, instead of me unloading it all onto her face-to-face. (That last bit doesn't read the way I intended it to )


You're probably thinking "Why not try someone else first?", but she is, for whatever reason, the only person in college, or anywhere for that matter, that I would feel anywhere near comfortable talking to. And I am really getting upset being alone.


As I said in the previous post, I do not want a 'relationship' with her.

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