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Guys -- what does your gf do that makes you happy?

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Probably one of my favorites is when my girlfriend gives me a hug out of nowhere and a bunch of kisses right after A few times when I was in a bad mood and she knew it, she got me ice cream! Small surprises show the other that you were thinking about them in an excelent way (doesn't have to cost ANY money, either!)


It's the small things that count!

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This might sound cheesy, but she constantly amazes me with things she says...


The night I met her (we met through mutual friends) she had a small soar on her wrist. One of our friends asked her what happened, and she shrugged and said "Stigmata."


Pont is, she is very witty, she has a great sense of humor. I love that about her.


And yes, a good shag always makes me happy.

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When I was feeling down or just had a crappy day, hearing my ex g/f voice at that time on my voice mail calmed and soothed my nerves. I would forget about my problems while listening to her.


Also another thing that helped was when she knew I had a bad day, she would give me a big hug. That made me feel good because it meant that she was there for me, and that everything is going to be ok because we were going to get through this together.


I think that those two things are more important than any gifts out there. At least for me.

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Hee hee! those are all good answers. It's hard for a girl to figure out if she's actually helping a guy out or not.


You know, if a girl friend of mine is having a bad day, she wants to talk it over for a while, so you feel like you can actually do something for her, and you see tangible results and it affirms your friendship.


Your man is having a bad day, he just sits and stews, and you end up feeling kind of helpless about it and then you spend a lot of energy wondering if you should try to do something about the situation that's getting him down, or just leave him alone -- and leaving him alone doesn't ever *look* like it helps, and certainly doesn't help you feel better about it!


So it sounds like the best thing is just little things -- beer and hugs and shags and being your normal self and basically waiting it out. Right?

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