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help needed re: girl I like


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Have quite liked her for a while. Cracking arse, cracking sense of humour and I reckon we'd gel perfectly. Trouble is not sure how much she likes me and also I work with her. Working with her may not seem too much of a problem but the issue here is that I've already tried (and failed gloriously) to pull someone else on her section. These two girls don't get on but things with the other girl ended quite acrimoniously post brush off.


What should I do: Risk ultimate humiliation by being rejected again...or walk away with a small shred of dignity in tact?


Cheers in advance.

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Check put her body language for clues before you ask her out. If she is into you... look at her feet, they will point towards you if she likes you and away from you if she doesn't. She will preen herself, play with her hair etc, get all nervous around you and give you lots of eye contact, a sideways glance, a big smile etc. If all the clues are there then go for it. Ask her for her number or email addy. If she dont give it to you, then take the hint.

And so what if you tried it on with someone on her section. It didnt work out. The end.

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Agree on looking at her body language, it tells you volumes of information, more than her words ever will. An internet search should give you some goof info on how to read it.


I like to use the follwing kind of lines when I am talking with a woman who I want to ask out. You can change the lines a bit, just make sure you look for her body language responses in between each line.


"I really had (or have) fun talking with you?" You can also say enjoy, like, whatever.


"We should try to do it more often." (or again soon, or whatever.)


If you are getting good signals, now you just ask, because she has told you "Yes" already.

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