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I suppose this is the right place to put this.


So basically, I think one reason I screwed up with this girl I met on Saturyday night (although again, on IM she said when I wrote "I hope this won't make things awkard:

"no worries... lol you just called a bunch of times i got the wrong impression"

i said I hoped we could still be friends and she said "sure"


Basically, I know what I did wrong, I got to hold her hand alot because she had a lot to drink. I let the feeling get to my head. I got attached, perhaps if only for a day or two. I'm sure there's something salvageable out of all this but what I'm concerned with is not letting it go to my head again the next time something like this happens.


I'm moving on, for thos of you that have been following my life story. There's this girl upstairs who watches this same weekly show as me. I'm figuring all I'll do tomorrow (the night of the show) is just talk with her, get to know her during commercials.



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I don't know your whole story, but why apologize for holding her hand? You are allowed to be affectionate, it's not like you attacked her. And being affectionate is nothing to be ashamed of. Just guessing from your post, I'd say it was the way you reacted afterwards that can be improved. Just act like, hey I'm a guy that girls want to hold their hands, and that's cool. Then, see who's really worthy of that from you.

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