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boyfriend wont believe me


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hmmm well i think i trained myself to have an orgasm a certain way lol


but i cant have one when my boyfriend does anything to me. apparently this has made him feel self conscience and he asked one of his friends how long it usually takes him to give his girlfriend an orgasm... and he told him "no more than five minutes." ughh i tried explaining that some girls need other things besides that constant in and out motion but he thinks i'm just saying that to make him feel better, because you know his friend knows best. (right.) he seemed to think it was weird that some girls need other things since basically all guys need is that up and down motion. well i couldnt really explain it to him, i told him that statistically 60% of girls cant have an orgasm by just penitration. what else can i do?? its making him insecure to the point where he thinks one day im going to leave him for a "more experienced guy."

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Female orgasms are pretty complicated. They're not as well understood as the male orgasm. I've heard that for 30% of women, having an orgasm is difficult, if not, impossible. Now, I don't know if the number is really that high, but there are quite a few women out there that don't experience orgasms.


And for those that do, some have an easier time than others. It's not quite as cut and dry as your bf seems to think it is. For some women, it may take 5 minutes, for others, 45 minutes with tons of foreplay. It's different for everyone.


Most women who have orgasms get them from clitoral stimulation, not from vaginal penetration, so you may want to run that by your bf.


Your bf should spend less time worrying about others' sex lives....

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I would say that either most of his friends are lying or they were lied to by their girlfriend that didn't want to make them feel bad because all they can pull off is five minutes of sex. Very rarely do women come in five minutes. I have a dozen friends or so whome I've talked about sex with and none of them mentioned being abel to pull off any five minute orgasms. I'm sure it CAN happen sometimes but this is not for most women. You boyfriend is obviosuly very deluded about how the female orgasm works. I would guess thats probably because he is seventeen. He's young. COnfirm he is wrong tell him that. Then teach him.

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As you know,us men are all about ego,and not been able to give your woman the "Big O" is a real ego braker.


You and your boyfriend need to spend some serious forplay time together.

My girlfiend and I (before we got down and nasty), used to lay next to each other, and touch each other,and then masterbated each other. Our sex life started with foreplay alone. In this way I got to learn all the places which made her feel good, and got her to Orgasm while playing with her clitorus. She used to tell me what felt good and what not.


Maybe you and your boyfriend should try laying next to each other, and just get touching. Maybe he will learn that foreplay for a woman is the big secret, and give you the "Big O" after all....


Good luck.......Let us know how it goes.....

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