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Ex-boyfriend, parents won't let him in the house

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My parents never really liked my boyfriend. They were nice enough to his face, but my mother in particular had a real problem with him. I found I would constantly stay at his house rather than him stay round mine.

Well, we broke up a week ago, for personal reasons. We still want to be good friends, and we have been good friends in break ups in the past. His ex girlfriend (now my best friend) and him are still fantastic friends so I honestly think it could work. The way they did it was to stay as close without the sex, which is fine with me and fine with him.

However, my parents will point blank NOT let him in the house, will tell me what a horrible, cruel person I am being for wanting to stay round his house, wanting to remain a friend with him.

All my friends are friends with him, we are all a nice big group of four. If I was to ignore him it would break his heart and mine, and I would lose my friends. My parents will not let me go back out with him.

In my opinion, it is my right to make my own mistakes and decide things on my own, not my parents. I think that my relationships are my own and nothing to do with them, after all, I don't comment on the state of their marriage!!

I guess in my heart I really love my ex, yet breaking up was the right thing, and according to my parents there's no going back now.

They are not saying I'm being cruel to him because they like him and don't want him to be hurt, or be lead to false hopes, they are saying it because they don't want me to see him or associate with him. In my opinion, this is simply none of their business.

So...what do I tell me parents? What do I tell my ex? What do I do? Are my parents being too controlling on this matter?

I am not allowed out during the week as I have to do college work, also 3 weeks into my AS course is a bit much, but I have stuck with this to please them. They are now starting to imply I shouldn't be going out at weekends. I am happy to work, but not work myself into a nervous breakdown with no friends or social life. They are only saying this so I don't see my ex.



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