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whats the proper way to ask someone you know


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like a friend or close co-worker if he or she could introduce you to a girl that

What terms have to be in place in order for this phenomenom to actually happen? What should you do on your part?


is it entirely on your friend/co-worker's call to introduce his or her girl friend to you?


I wish more things like that would happen to me, because THEY DO HAPPEN. Impromptu matchmaking for love or business networking interests happen alot, and I don't want to feel left out.

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Just go talk to your co-worker casually. Say, "Well, you know that girl... is she single?" And if the co-worker says, "yeah, why do you ask?" Then you say, "Well, she seems nice, I'd like to take her on a date. Could you please introduce me to her?" Chances are the co-worker will do it.


Good luck!

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dood. if this co-worker or friend is close, then just tell them to hook you up. why be so polite about it? they're your friend. don't get me wrong, but you sound like a very quiet person. if not, i apologize. but there's nothing wrong with telling a close friend that you want them to hook you up. doo it. good luck.

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