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Emotions with a girl but she has a boyfriend

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Just a small problem: you see, I met this cool freshman college student this summer, the catch is that she and I didn't really start talking until almost 3 weeks ago. After getting to know one another and etc. she wanted me to come over that night. I'm thinking on the grounds that she has a boyfriend, so she ain't trying nothing. Boy was I wrong. During the movie, she started to lay towards me, laying on me, the next thing I know, I'm holding her, and she then kisses me, and of course, I kissed her back, and not a small peck either. We spent many nights together, and a lot of emotions are there, some from her and some from me. The catch is that I think I'm being kinda used because she told me that the downside to her current relationship is the fact that they are so far away & intimacy is kinda impossible. I feel as if I'm kinda here to fill that void, and that's it. Unfortunately, the time we spent together, I began to grow attached to her............

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That may be so, but look at how she re-acts to her boyfriend, she isnt being faithful to him. How would you re-act if you found out that when you werent around, she went and started going out with other guys? I personally wouldnt recommend such girls. She is being unfaithful, can you really trust this kind of girls? I dont think so. Although you like her alot, she is still in a relationship, in other words, you are cheating with her. I'd say drop her. Relationships are based on trust, and her with it's obvious.

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It's kinda to the point where i'm deeply involved. I kinda let my emotions cloud many logical points. I don't know, I might be a little too deep to start backing out. And of course I do talk to other girls, but my emotions are with her. When I realized what was happening those nights, I decided to see if I could give her what her boyfriend could not, which is why I continued. What turned into a challenge, turned into me having strong feelings for her, to the point where I desire her presense. I still have a lot to learn, unfortunately.

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