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once again- the whole asking someone out thing...


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Ok then- so the first (and last) time i ever asked anyone out, that person ended up as a friend and kinda twisted my whole asking her out thing and pretended she had got the wrong idea- which i completeley understand, and ma partially happy about as she has proven to be one of the best friends i have ever had.


Ok so though that wasnt an awful experience- it could have been worse- i still have no confidence in asking anyone out- which is a problem as a friend (who i met through the first girl by the way- the whole twisted story is told in a few threads i made ages ago- sorry if this isn't making sense!) has recently started tellhing me i should ask out her friend (the friend who said i should ask her out says we are both kind of deppressed so maybe if we went out we would cheer eachother up- thats her reason by the way) got that


This girl is a girli have kinda fancied for a while and all but i really dont know even how to begin to ask someone out, and my experience isnt great! i mean what do i say? what, this will sound dum, do i even do on a first date? how do i get her alone to ask her out? in short what do i do as i have never actually really had a relationship of any kind and have no idea about aking anyone out.....


oh and i have kinda bad self esteem too..... if anyone made out what i meant i am impressed anyway!


(btw there are loads of little quirks that make this more odd but it would make the story hard to understand!)

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If you want to take her out ask her to do something matey. that way if she cant its not a huge knockback. If she can you can assess the vibe n the date.

if your friend has suggested this maybe she knows somthing you dont and the girl is interested already.

Go for it.

Just say Do you fancy going to see xyz at the movies or coming out for a coffee and a chat.

If she says yes you are half way there.

Good luck. Ley me know how it goes.

Love nenezxxxxxxxx

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Talk to her, that's it, just talk to her. Then try to end the conversation before she wants to. Then when you are ending it, tell her you enjoyed, had fun, liked, whatever, talking to her. See how she reacts. If good, tell her that you should do it again sometime, see how she reacts. If she reacts well, just ask, she already said yes.


Where to do? Depends on what you like and she likes. I view daets as doing two things, generally, talking or doing something. Dinner, lunch, coffee, drinks are talking. Other things are doing, an activity, playing a sport, etc. Mix up them to get soem balance.

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well, our friend got annoyed i was taking so long and gave me her MSN adress and got me t ask her out! it worked pretty much, even though i wasnt sure about not asking face to face! anyway w'ere going out for a coffee on saturday! here goes then!


P.S. if it works out, and she knows i was asking her out not wanting to hang out, and all the rest, then that was so easy i will be kicking myself!

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Good luck.


Two things to do, other than remain calm and pay, and you should be just fine.


1. Listen to her. Ask questions about the things she likes, ask intelligent questions, and she will enjoy it. For example, you have a picture from the first album by The Clash, so you must like The Clash. If I were her and asked you questions about The Clash, you'd be interested and want to talk and feel great. So whatever she likes, be it a certain band, sport, hobby, knitting, bowling, painting her toe nails to mimic great works of art or whatever, try to get her to talk about it.


2. Look at her face when she talks. At first, look at her eyes, and keep your eyes looking at the area above the tip of her nose, below her eye brows and inside the otuer tips of her eye brows. When she finishes a thought, look right at her eyes, create eye contact, let her stop talking, keep silent holding eye contact for just a moment, then you can breka it and say something.


These things will help.

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