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Okay some Im going on the alkaline diet hopefully it will work! Anywaze I dont like going to gym... Mostly cuz I would rather work out at home. I was thinking ya know like mon, tues, wen.. yoga and areboics. Then the other days like a cardio video and the ball thing or weights. But everyday jogging. What are some good areobics, cardio videos? any ideas are helpfull. Also this will sound strange but see I want to loose weight but not my butt lol. I like it! What should I do to avoid getting a flat a**? Thanks!

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well the gym wether you like it or not is a very good investment


if you work at home I hope you have free weights at least


i reccomend doing , arm, back, legs, and abs and butt days to fallow along a half to hour of cadio everyday


thats the best bet on loosing weight, diets wont make you lose weight its the exercise that fallows the healthy eating to loose weight


I have been dieting and loosing weight for about two years now and have lost about 60 pounds, its really a mental thing, you have to strive to lose weight, like makea goal of 5 pounds in a week and try to reach that goal, then maek another goal for the next week


AND NO FAST FOOD, and avoid resturant food as well it can be just as bad for you

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These novelty 'diets' are really getting to me.


There is a much simpler way of losing weight - Eat Less Junk - Exercise More.


Burn Off MORE Than You're Taking In


These 'new' diets (which aren't really new) are over-rated.


As I suggest to anyone going on a diet - Make an 'eating diary' - that is; Write down everything you take in; and improve on it!


This - coupled with exercise will see a HEALTHY amount of weight loss over a HEALTHY amount of time.

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