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ok, so, lately Ive been trying not to let my emotions bother me. Everything just hurts so much right now, last night i dreamt about my ex girl friend and woke up crying un controlably. my stomach got knotted up i couldnt breathe or think.(and people wonder why i rarely sleep) then today at work I started crying for no reason, I acted like i wasnt and no one really noticed. now i want my gf back but i dont want care about anything, you know? i dont WANT to want her back. Im trying to kill my emotions, so to speak, they just get in my way, slow me down and destract me from more important things but it seems like the harder i try the more everything hurts. I want to be how i was, i want to be cold again any advice on that? or to control my sudden braekdowns? or my nightmares or anything would be very much appreciated


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wow...the majority of the people want to go from unfeeling to feeling. You seem to be going in reverse...well, if you want to go back to being cold, you'll have to work through your feelings now. Mostly cuz, what hurts, hurts. period. Those of us who have been/are cold deal with emotions rather poorly...either ignoring them, psyching ourselves out of them, occupying ourselves to not think about them, or spending years building up calluces through mantras (i.e. "I don't care, I don't care, I don't care, I don't care").


But since you just had a real rough time (break up?), your emotions are pretty much drowning you. Choking on your subcionscious, and conscious. You can ignore a puddle, even a river. You can't ignore a tidal wave. Best bet, try to vent out. Even if it's just to yourself. or you can talk to your pillow, whatever. if no ones around, then just talk outloud and hear yourself. yell, scream, punch something if you feel like it. cry if you want. let something out. then occupy yourself in doing something. hanging out with friends who won't make you feel worse is a good bet. and just don't let yourself think about it until you feel you're ready.


Once you've dealt with the bulk of the emotional h-bomb, then you can work on going back to being cold.


I'm not sure if any of this has helped, but I do hope you start feeling better soon.

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