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Afraid I messed it up and should I make a move?


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Well I had a second date with a girl I really like. It was something like a double date with her friend and her friends bf. We went bowling and I am not a bowling person. I am afraid I messed up my chances with her because she was active, having a fun time, dancing around, overall having a great time with her friend. I on the other hand was not active at all, didn't jump around but I still had a good time since I was with her. I am now afraid that she might think I am a boring person and I think her interest level went all the way down because of tonight. Maybe I am overreacting but that is how I think about the situation.


On the drive home though, she was referring to a next time though, when I said sorry to her that I wasn't really active at all and overall was shy. Then at her door when I dropped her off, we talked a bit and I asked if she wanted to do this again and she said sure, just call me. Then we hugged. I am really not sure what to think... I know I am overreacting to this whole thing but thats how I think since I've had bad luck with girls in the past. What do you guys think about this situation?


Now, if everything is well with her and me, when should I make a move. We went on 2 dates so far. I have only hugged her, nothing more. Not even held her hand yet. I want to start holding her, but don't know if it's too soon. I want to go for a kiss, just don't know when the time is right. Tonight when I dropped her off she seemed like she was giving me a sign that she wanted me to make a move, but I didn't. Is it too soon to make a move? I really want too because I have a feeling that she wants me too, just not sure.


This sucks...I won't be able to talk to her until Sunday, unless she calls me tomorrow. She is going to be busy all day tomorrow

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Ok so your approaching the 3rd date, so that's the time you have your first kiss between you and her. You gotta do it, so you don't ruin the relationship..you MIGHT get past by doing it on the 4th date but I don't recommend it -- too risky.


Don't worry about it she wants to go out on another date with you, it's fine, she can probably sense your shy and nervous and stuff anyhow.

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