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Ok..in a few other posts, i have mentioned a guy from work. i stopped posting about him cause i was interested in some one else..and i didnt think i had a chance cause he is 23, but the truth is, i dont really like any one else. the more guys i meet, the more i realize i really like Ryan. Hes just the sweetest guy to me and always seems to make me laugh,even when i dont feel like smiling. hes always telling me how pretty i am, how wonderful and sweet i am. and i do the same about him. we both have a tendency to put ourselves down and always seem to make eachother feel better. just tonight, he told me that i make him wanna be a a better person, which i think is the sweetest thing anyone has ever said to me. he looks out for me, when this guy was harassing me, he told me if it happened again hed speak with the guy. this is just all too perfect. but..i dont know if he sees me as a friend or as something more. if he does see me as somethin more..hed say something right? i dont want to be the one to mention it because it would be weird since we are coworkers..i dont want anything to be awkward. its just..hes the best thing that has ever happened to me...and i dont wanna let him go. HELP! please...



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This guy wants you, for sure. I don't think a "friend" would say "You make me want to be a better person"...really he likes you more than friends.



I don't think he's asked you out or anything yet because he's not totally sure if your into him (which you have to remember most guys out there don't know when a woman is interested in them until the woman tells him or something like that).


Remember, Women are indirect. Men are direct. You have to tell him your feelings, you have to be direct.


So, to sum it up you have to tell this guy your feelings. If you don't tell him it's possible he might give up and of course you don't want that.

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