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my gf and i have been together for 3 and a half years do this exact date...she moved into college today. its just killilng me...i feel like a total idiot though, i am so scared of what may become of her at college. i love her to every depth of this earth and i know she feels the same way. but i just get that scared feeling, and everyone knows what i am talking about. i am just dying and i need some advice on how to just cope or just some encouriging words. thanks everyone.

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I'm in a relationship like this as of right now. Definetly remember to communicate and trust eachother. While apart, there are definetly ways to stay connected. Phone calls, e-mails, cards, hand-written letters via snail mail, sending little gifts back and forth, surprise visits, etc.


Keep yourself busy during this time. It's very hard to deal with. It's heart-breaking. But you need to keep yourself occupied to keep any worries out of your mind. Just remind yourself of how much closer you will be with eachother and how much stronger your relationship will get when you get through it together. It also helps to remind yourself that the situation could be worse- There are people who have loved ones going into the army, and they don't even know if they'll come back alive or not. It really makes me realize just how lucky I have it.

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you know, your right, i should keep myself busy, and i know that i could have it a lot worse. it sucks. i just got done caming with her, and everything i see her face, it just makes me want to cry because i cant be with her at that time. i just want to be with her so bad... i love her so much and would never do anything to hurt her...gosh i am getting teary eyed just thinking about it. you guys are all great. thanks for reading and giving your input.

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