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I'm not sure how or what to make of it...ADVICE, PLEASE!

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I was dating this guy (a co-worker) for about a month or so. Last week we went out for a co-workers birthday and he suddenly said, "I don't have time for you, it wouldn't be fair to you." He was starting school up again, has two jobs, surfs a lot and is trying to get a band together as well. So yeah, he may not have time but I thought things were going well and then BAM! At the party he told me that crap and then the very next night we went out again to a bar with a few people from work and he kept staring at me, and was really quiet (normally he's really loud) and he couldn't keep his hands off of me and said, "I don't know why you do this to me...you make me want to hug you and kiss you..blah blah blah." The next night we all went out after work again and I got the cold shoulder and it was as if I wasn't even there. SO.....this is the catch - just the other night, like two nights ago, we went out and he was weird with me and then he drove my car back to his house since I was the one who had a bit too much to drink. We get to his house, I'm sitting on the couch and he plops down on my lap and lays accross me. We talk for about a half hour about our status and "us" and he says again, "I just don't have time for you, I'm sorry." We have intense stares and completely can't stop looking into each others eyes during that half hour and BAM!! He starts to sweetly and gently kiss my face all over and gives me a million bear hugs and just lays there. Then he kisses me on the lips and it was really slow and I could feel emotion in them - if that makes sense (before - he NEVER did that stuff. Hugs were rare like that and kisses were fast and lacked a lot of feeling. ) Plus, why he kissed me again that night, i don't know why - he told me before that he didn't want to kiss me anymore because he knew i really liked him and it wouldn't be fair. Yet, everything that night was super sweet and soo unlike him.


So you can see my confusion. I don't know if he really cares and likes me but is scared to start something else (he is still pissed at his ex with whom he broke up with almost 3 years ago). I'm not sure ------HELP!

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