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getting the nice girl part 2


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ok guys i havent asked her out yet but we've hung out more and stuff i forgot to ask for her number but i got it from a friend who had a friend that had it and i was wondering should i call her and ask her out since every time i try to do it face to face it dosnt work out? and is it ok to call her since she wasnt the one who gave the number too me?

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Man, my honest opinion is to not call.. girls sense weakness in guys instantly depending on different actions that a guy does. In other words, she can detect that you were not "man" enough to just ask for her number so you got it from a friend and it makes you look weak because you were not strong enough to just ask her in person. What's holding you back.. it's only a girl, in fact.. she isn't holding you back.. your holding yourself back, it's your own insecurity thinking that you can't do it and things won't work out the way you want them to. Don't be weak.. if she says no, who cares.. it probably won't be the first and definatley not the last, so just ask and act like its no big deal to you. When you make things alot bigger then what they are then you are just adding pressure that isn't even needed. Ask her for her number before you ask her out and call her.. and when you do that and you ask her out.. don't ask her.. tell her.. say hey.. im going to blah .... i know you would like to come, so how about you just meet me up at ten or so...


Don't make her that big of a deal then you wouldn't be sweatin it.

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I think you should get the number from her before calling her.


I've done the get-the-number-from-a-friend thing and it kind of weirded her out. Especially if she's not really expecting a call from you. And it also shows that you didn't have the confidence to get the number from her.


Just suck it up and get her number like at the end of a conversation or something. Don't plan. If you plan, you'll tense up and possibily forget. Just think of it as, "Say, what's your number?" as a conversation ender when you see her in person. Don't try some scheme to get the number either, like "oh i've got a friend who likes you blah blah..". Be up front with her.

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It really helps me with my nervousness when i try to be straight forward with the person Im interested in. The more you try to cheat and hide the more you freak yourself out from just doing it. Not to mention you wont have to worry about her being confused if you just come clean. Since you have been with her before, after starting a conversation just say, "hey, I forgot to ask you for your number" or "hey, whats your number just incase I need to let you know of a cool place/party/gathering im going"" I want to stay in contact with you" Think about it, anyone can say that! Also be readily be willing to give your number on a pice of paper.


And yes, it surprises the hell out of a girl calling before asking for her number. Now that I think about it, i wish i never would have done it.

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