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I need help...

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Ok,this is really weird.

I never really like fall for guys.I mean I have crushes and stuff,but it never really gets to me.But theres this one guy who gos to my high skool and he is soo HOT!!!Not only is he cute,but he is smart and funny too.And he is soo sweet.He has only talked to me a few times,but i have liked him since the first day i saw him.

Its like the only thing i thing i think about and talk about now.My friends are getting mad saying I dont shut up about him and I cant pay attention in class because i only think of him...

Anyways I would love to ask him out but.. I dont think he likes me and my friends keep saying u will never know if u dont ask but.. Thats just it I am afraid that when i ask he will say no,it would be like the end of my world and i would rather just go on dreaming that he does like me.

Heres the other problem,I am not skinny or pretty or popular.

So wat should i do? Should I ask him out and if so,how?

Please help!

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First of all, calm down.


Do you know him very well? If you do, I say go for it. The worst that can happen is a "no". Do NOT fear rejection, or as Yoda would put it, "Fear not rejection". Just because you're not popular and skinny doesn't mean you have no chance. And if he says no, wipe it off your shoulder and think about someone else.


If you don't ask him, you won't know now will you?


Good luck!

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First of all, looks, popularity and skinniness have no weight in determining your chances at getting with this guy! Don't ever doubt yourself because of those things, and by the way, don't think that you are not pretty or not something else! Chances are there's someone out there who has his eye on you and you just don't know it.

As to how you should approach the guy, I think you should take it slow before straight out asking anything. See if there's chemistry and get to know each other a bit better. Give him a chance to see the great person that you are, too!

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