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Guys (and girls) your opionion please.

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I currently don't drive. 8-[ I have my license and a car that runs some of the time, but I have a fear/phobia of driving. What is your personal opinion of someone with this fear? Do you think of them as immature, lazy, weird, etc. or do you understand and sympathize? Guys, would you date a girl that didn't drive?


any and all opinions more than welcome, thanks!

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Because you can't always depend on others to drive you everywhere.


And I've been in many near accidents before...there are lots of morons on the road but that shouldn't keep you from driving. You're afraid you might screw up...driving isn't that hard as long as you watch what is going on around you and be aware of what others are doing. And I have been in one accident...not even my fault at all. I was driving down a main street early in the morning and this chick swerves into my lane in an intersection. Don't even know what she was thinking. My car was just barely under the amount before they would have just totaled it. Her insurance company paid to have it repaired, but it took them a month before it was fixed. >.


But anyway, getting in an accident isn't the end of the world! Trust me on that. Also the more you drive the more comfortable you will be. Insurance will take care of any mistakes you might make...that's why it's there! If you don't have car insurance...get it! Uninsured motorists should not be on the road!

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i sympathize i hate to drive.. and i know i have been driving for long but i just don't want to drive... and it just not the fear of getting in an accident that scares me its the lifes i have in my hands... that scares me..

so i understand... and i don't think is unhealthy... hopefully its just something you get over! but if all else falls always take a cab it might just be cheaper !lol!

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Thanks so much for the support and understanding. You are right, it does help to know that I'm not alone in my fear because in my area seems like no one else has problems with it (they all think I'm just weird of lazy). I was surprised to see just how many people suffer from this fear/phobia.


I have been to the empty parking lot to drive, and that is how I got my practice for getting my liscense. Its just the venturing out of the parking lot that causes the anxiety attach. I was talking in one of the phobia help chat rooms and the psychologist that was there said there must have been a terrible experience with a car or driving that I experienced when I was younger to make me have this deffensive reaction to it. Of course, it doesn't help that I grew up in a very judgemental environment and I have very low self esteem/confidence.


I really appreciate the support and opinions, I'm going to start working on overcoming the fear in short steps now. Maybe I'll update when I make it!

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I feel the same way sometimes. I feel fine driving in an empty parking lot or deserted road, but then when you add the cars and lanes, it's like "Uh oh, what do I do??". You just have to pay attention, that's all. Don't have the radio on in your car when you're just starting out. You already have enough running through your head. You don't want any distractions. Just know the rules of the road, though it's amazing how often drivers break those rules.


If possible, have a friend or family member (who knows how to drive) of yours be a passenger for a while until you gradually get more comfortable. Two brains are better than one.


Just my 2 cents.


P.S. If you have to, you CAN take public transportation (i.e. metro). It's there for a reason.

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Yeah I am planning to drive more with my parents, going back and forth to classes this year/semester. I hope that by mid semester I should be able to do it fine by myself. [-o


I would just use public transportation rather than bugging my buddies or parents, but unfortunately I live in a small town where there really is nothing. My only option would be to call a cab, and I don't want to do that and spend that kind of money unless I really need to. Good suggestion though, thanks.

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