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How to forget a JERK!

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I dont know what to do and who to talk to, I just woke up from a dream of my ExBoyfriend.


Its been more than five months that we have been apart. Im with some one who im considering dumping and his with some who he met 2mnths ago and already have introduced themselves to eachothers parents.


I was with him for 6mnths and he didnt introduce me to his parents

I dont think im jealous....or maybe i am, but the thing is i think about him all the time and miss him, its not like he treated me well or anything either...He used to make me cry all the time! But I still feel like this.


Okay, I had mentioned my bf atm in another post called Sex sex sex!! If you havent read it, basically he has been trying to sleep with me and I dont want that. He uses me for his pleasure and once again it hurts coz thats not right....


Im so scared, I dont know what to do, Im depreesssed so much, If i smaile its fake, if i lauf its fake!! How the hell do i stop thinking about a jerk!!!!!!!

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Maybe on a subconscious level you're recurring thoughts about your old bf means that you want to move on from your current bf. Since your current bf is pressuring you into doing things that you don't want to and out to hurt your reputation and making you unhappy, scared and confused, I'd say that it's time to chuck the junk! You just need to find the courage to do it, and don't let your past make you think that you should be in an abusive relationship, because no one deserves that! You need to respect yourself and pave the way to your own happiness by finding a guy who'll take things at your pace and not make you feel uncomfortable. And this applies with your old bf too: if he didn't respect you, then he isn't worth your time.

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My heart goes out to you, I am in the same situation. Trying to forget someone who is such a heartless jerk. Trust me, you'll get through it - as each day goes by without talking to him (that is the key here), you will forget about him. I read something the other day on the front of a book cover and it really helped in terms of helping me to well, maybe not forget about him, but stop missing him. It said that 1/25 people in north america do not have a conscience. Wow, he was one of them people, didn't care how much he was hurting me, or using me, didn't even feel the least bit guilty. Do I wanna sit around crying over someone like that? No. You deserve to be treated with respect, you deserve to be loved, and you deserve a guy who cares about you, so don't take anything less than that. You might not forget about him right off... but you will stop missing him. all the best..

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Great words BlueSkittles, and I'm glad to hear your moving on; step by step.


Proof that NC does work, eventually.


Get your head round the fact that he was and still is, no good for you.


You don't need someone like that in your life. And you say he wants to use you for sex, further backs it up - Don't fall for it.


He's not worth your tears - he's not even worth your thoughts. Step By Step - get rid of his image from your mind.


Get rid of all his stuff. Move on. Meet people - don't date as yet - not until you're sure you are over him. But have fun.

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