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've come accross a lot of sterotypes regarding homosexuality over the net. One thing that puzzles me thou is i've had minimal if not just breif information on Gay people who like Video Games. I'm a fanatic for them and have always been So much so that I'm taking a Universtiy degree on it!


Anyone else here passionate about this subject please let me know, I kind of feel like i'm in the very small niche of a already pretty isolating society as it is


Please let me know, again opinions greatlfully appreciated

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I'm a fanatic for them and have always been So much so that I'm taking a Universtiy degree on it!


I'm just very curious about this, no offense intended. After you get this degree, what do you plan on doing with it? Are there really careers in playing video games- or is this just an inverstment being made for only pleasure in return?

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From this degree, i can either go into the industry with the knowledge to become a games design, character designer etc. i'll also be able to manage the futher business side of things such as publishing and finacial side of it. Like most University courses, preparing me for the real world of my choosen interest and career. I didn't join it in the illusion that it would be fun because its just a hobbie, its defiantely something i take seriously enough

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I'm somewhat the same, although in the past two years my artistic abilities have been improving, and I'm a pixel artist, so I'm equally as good a programmer as I am a pixel artist. Now I'm having mixed thoughts but I'm still aiming for a computer science degree.


Edit: And I don't think being gay has any effect on whether you're into video games a lot. A few of my gay friends are video game nuts, moreso than me.

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well, I can say that I love games, so I'm a gamer. I mostly play Unreal Tournament but I also play battlefield 1942 Desert Combat Final.


I love it so much I'm in a clan. There really isn't a great difference between straight and gay gamers.

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