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Swollen Optical Nerve...

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Can anyone tell me what a swollen optical nerve indicates? Is it a serious condition? What does the treatment look like? Is it long-term or is it something that will go away?


My friend has a cousin in the hospital at the moment because of a swollen optical nerve and she is very concerned because she does not understand what this will mean. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.



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Swollen optic nerves, pseudotumor cerebri: Patients with swollen optic nerves (papilledema) can have increased intracranial pressure which causes blurred or loss of vision, double vision, and headaches. In young overweight women, the increased pressure develops without a tumor, but they can still lose vision. The diagnosis must be correctly established, eliminating lesions and dural venous sinus diseases as the cause, and treatment must be individualized. We consider pseudotumor cerebri (idiopathic intracranial hypertension)as a significant women's health care issue that we are treating and investigating (6). Also, we can determine whether the optic disc elevation is not indicative of a significant or neurological problem.




You can find more detailed and possibly more helpful advice on link removed.


Type "swollen optical nerve" and you should get some useful hits.

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Thanks BillyJean.


I just got word that my friend's cousin is okay, and is at home now. There's nothing seriously wrong, or life threatening or anything like that. The swelling is starting to go down. She's okay, and doesn't have what they feared she might, which is good. So everything is okay.


Thanks (again) Darkblue and BillyJean for your help.



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