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What reason would a guy use to break up in a LDR?

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Long story short, my ex boy friend just message me and claimed that the reason he break up with me is because he does not want me to go to England just because of him. To add, I could do better in my life or career.


Is this a valid reason? Is this most of the reason use by guy in long distance relationship to dump a person in a good way?


If you really love someone, would you try to work things out first even before you break up? He did not work things work and go directly for a break up.


He said I am nasty for taking back my belonging. To add, he glad he break up with me. What kind of logic is that?


Am I wrong to take back my things? Or I lost my sense?


Please tell me!


Thank you.

Thank you.

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Well; if yous are broken up, there's no reason why you shouldn't have your stuff back.


It could be an excuse for breaking up with you. Or it could be a general concern that he doesn't want you to move because of him.


If you don't mind me asking: where is it you live just now?


Feel free to PM.

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Hi darkblue,


Thank you for replying.


I used to live in England, now I am in Asia.


I would like to PM you, but how to do it?


His message is like this


For your information I left you because you should not come back to England only for me... And you could do better. I did not want to leave you, but you were nasty to me I am glad I did it. I will post your stuff when I find a suitable box.


What should I reply him? Or should I ignore his message?


I feel very angry right now!


Please help. Thank you.

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You have right to be angry - that was very unnecessary. Don't reply - why should you?


Ignore it and ignore him.


You don't need someone like that in your life anyway.


PM - You click on the 'PM' button on the bottom of my reply. This will take you to a new screen. You input a 'subject heading', write your message and send.

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