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Hey, I hadn't talked to my ex since Sunday, because I told her I couldn't stand there and watch her be with another guy. I said if she likes this guy, that's great, but i'm not sticking around.


This guy is a year or two younger than her... (13,14) and it seems he can barely hang out with her. His mom seems to not like girls either, because when my ex and her friend went to his house before soccer, they had to sit out on the steps, and not go inside.


Anyways, I was planning on going NC with her, and then suddenly out of the blue, Last night.. she read my away message at least 10 times in the span of a few minutes. I switched my status to 'online', and after a minute, she said "haha hey".


We started talking for a bit, and then after 30 minutes or so I cut it off.

I was talking to one of her friends and they told me that she said to a group of them that, if any of her friends dated me, she'd never talk to them again.


So I sit here, wondering... Why? If she doesn't like me, why would she care who I dated? Why would it still bother her?


How can I read this situation, and the curve balls she throws me, and how do I react to it?

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Maybe she is having second thoughts, but since it has been so recent since your NC with her it's hard to know. I guess you'll have to decide what you want...do you want to have contact with her now since she IM'd you? Or do you want to continue NC because it's too hard.


I guess, at least for me as a woman, I wouldn't want any one of my friends to date anyone I had a serious relationship with either....I would be too hurt and jealous, even if I didn't want a relationship with my ex, especially if they were the one to break up with me

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