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Heres the situation


Im meeting some gals next week, one of them im really into, but im really worried by the fact that weve only seen each other on webcam and they keep saying "webcam makes me look worse" but i get an impression that webcam makes me look alot better!


Dont really know what im asking, just hoping for some advice i suppose, im just a lil worried coz im gonna look different and worse (imo) in real life!



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I don't think it alters your appearance whatsoever, its just slightly crappy image quality just by a bit. I don't think it makes a difference really. Don't worry about it just don't wear clothes that are wrinkly or stained or have food on them in other words -- not clean. Just make sure you take a shower before you go out to meet them if you normally don't, if you already take a shower every day, good. Be yourself don't fake yourself for them, and bust on 'em .

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