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hey hunn. listen i dont want to be the bearer of bad news but truth be told he probably partly doesnt want a gf but partly just isnt interested in you at this point in time. now this could be because of circumstances in his life that make him not want a gf and thereforeeee not feel attracted to you right now. however...i really think theres nothing you can do at this poing except for try your best to move on. truly take it from someone whos been there you cannnot try and keep a friendship going and what not its not going to work right now. later on it might be possible, very possible, maybe even get back together but DO NOT have that kind of hope. its the worst thing, just focus on moving on: tell yourself its you past its over and focus on other aspects of your o so busy life. its tough i know it but just stay strong and you'll get through it. but nc will have to take place. be prepared for that

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