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Do you always have to be the best at everything to your girl

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Ok so my g/f called me today And we were talking about school. So she tells me that her lab partner is like the absoulute most funny person she had ever meet, and that he has a great personallytie.I got like a little irritated. So here is my question.


1. Should your g/f think that your always be like the funniest one, the one that has the greatest personallity,the strongest one,the hottest one,etc?

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You can't be the best at everything. Just be yourself. Part of building confidence is being able handle having your girlfriend make guy friends, and not be on edge when she does it. It does make you uncomfortable, but she has a right to make some more male friends. Her heart is still with you, even though she does LIKE other guys, just not in that way.

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Being over protective is very bad imo... it may make her think you don't trust her...


Allowing her to have her own freedom and make her own decisions for herself will give you the best advantage over any of those other guys she may be friends with... your trust.

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