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broke up with her 5 months ago and she still talks bad...

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hey guys,


i broke up with this girl around 5 months ago, it was a bad breakup because we were fighting all of the time and there was no physical aspect to the relationship whatsoever for me, just me taking care of her needs whenever she asked (it was the only link to intimacy i had) i was firm with her but she freaked anyway.


She ended the school year talking non-stop crap about me, which was ok, didn't bother me because summer was coming up. Now our first day of school was today, i tried to smile at her and be nice, she smiled at me in exchange later on and seemed to wait for me to walk by her all the time which annoyed me...but anyway. At a team get-together for football she came up in conversation and a friend of mine said, "Eric, i have study hall with her...she was talking about you again to a group of people...something about how much of an a*s you are, and how you dont deserve a girlfriend because your such a jerk..."


What-the-hell what can i do to stop this psycho, she is making me extremely mad and i mean EXTREMELY, my friends all make me feel better on occasion but that doesn't take away the fact that she is STILL talking about me almost half a year later?! Whats going through her head!? and how do i stop her?! Thanks for any help that can be given...



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If you were providing her needs as she wanted them, and then suddenly quit she probably can't find someone else easily that will do all that so she thinks if she cannot find anyone to do the task, she will make sure you can't find anyone by the nonsense rumors.


Yet for her, as stated, it will backfire once people come to realize the truth behind the situation. SHe'll probably always have a few oddball followers that you're a "jerk" but most people will get sick of it, yesterdays news.


Eventually people will express that if they haven't already, or will just simply ignore her. If someone asks, you just tell the truth. She is disturbed you left after fufilling her every whim and she is lost without her slave so to speak, and thereforeeee will throw a tantrum if she can't have a replacement and is trying to "show you" in an immature mannerism.

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funny you should mention the word slave...my friends all said i was her slave (sometimes not in those words) jokingly of course but then when i would be about to do what she told me a certain few literally held me back and said eric stop it your not bein a man make her mad who cares if shes gonna treat you like that you treat her the same way...


gotta love guy friends

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