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Fraudulent dating facilities

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With all these online dating services that charge money, I have been believing that it is fraud to pay money just to facilitate falling in love with the perfect lover. Another reason why it is fraud is because people outside of cyberspace do not pay money to facilitate a practice like that.


Sometimes people have bad luck with dating services and are heavily ignored on them. Not to mention, they are shy (I am one of them). Thats another reason who dating services to pay for are fraudulent. .


I want dating services to stop charging money, it is choking the economy.

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Actually people do charge for similar services not using the internet. Newspapers have charged for personal ads for decades, and people have been charged for contacting those who have ads in newspapers. Also, people have been working at making "matches" for probably longer than newspapers have been printed. Look at the lyrics for the "matchmaker" song from Fiddler on the Roof.


The on line services are not going to put in the effort for you. They are really just lists of men and women who are looking and provide a way for you to contact those on the lists.

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