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First off, we met a couple weeks ago. She is my friends sisters friend and they decided to hook us up with each other. We hung out last week, her, her friend and me and we had a good time. Actually got a hug at the end of it and she never hugs anybody, she told me this and so did her friend. After that, a few days later we talked on the phone for about hours, then the next day, same thing. Don't know if it's smart, but I told her I liked her. She said that she likes me, just that she doesn't know me all that well.


We then went on a first date. This was actually a first date for both of us with anybody, so we were pretty new at it. She has never had a boyfriend and I have never had a girlfriend. The date went very well, got a second date Friday. In the beginning, she saw the flower I bought her on her seat in my car and picked it up and said, thank you and gave me a hug, out of nowhere. During the date she would always laugh at what I did and said, even if it was really stupid. She would always give eye contact, never looked around when I talked to her. She was very talkative, actually talked more then I did (I am pretty shy.) On the date, I met half of her family, like aunts, grandpa, etc..when she first introduced me to them, she would say "this is my friend (my name)." which kind of threw me off. And we they asked her if we were dating she replied, "no."


At the end of the date, i dropped her off, walked her to her door, talked for a bit and then she gave me a hug. I like her, just don't know if she likes me the same way. Some signs like being talkative, eye contact and she actually worried about her hair looking dumb, which i said, it looked fine...makes me have a feeling she does like me. Also the long conversations on the phone. But the referring me as a friend throws me off a bit, also the no at, are you guys dating. What do you guys think?


Also, I posted this eariler, but i was way tired when writing it. Just thought I'd make it more thoro and write it better.



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Ask her out again - sounds like she likes you. Trust relatives to put people on the spot - and that is what happened to her. She isn't likely to say "Yes, we are dating," when you are only on the first date, especially when you are standing there. She may have thought that would put you off.


I wouldn't be concerned about that - if you like her, then ask her out again.

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Ok, well I like where it's heading just don't come on too strong too early, and don't become a clingy panzy. Seems like she likes you a lot


Try to have a fun date like ice skating and stuff if they have a place where you can in your town. Going to the movies, I'm pretty sure girls get SICK of so it's best to avoid that, movies are good to go to every once and a while. NOTE: Just telling you this because this is your first gf and a lot of people make the mistake of becoming a nice clingy wuss boy, flooding the girl with gifts and the guys giving there power over to the girl, going to the movies like every date, etc.

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