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I saw soulmate guy last night. I basically said in my head that tonight I would know for sure if this was heading anywhere or not. I got my answer. He was there with a supposed female friend, who he left with even though his true female friend offered to take him home. I later told the female I know he's just friends with that I was done with the bar scene. So unless divine intervention occurs I'm done. In my mind it's over now. I'm letting him go and moving on in my life.


He got the message this morning because my heart aches. I hope the pain passes quickly.

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I really think that's a dumb question honestly. Of course I have control. Ever read the book "Mind Power" by John Kehoe. I live my life based on principles from that book, including partner selection. It's only recently that I've decided to relenquish (?sp) some of that control because I'm finding that I may get what I want but I don't necessarily like it, so maybe there's a better way.


Since my dad's passing I've gotten a lot of messages about God, church and the like. So perhaps he's trying to lead me in a different direction. I saw a sign the other day saying "You may think you're in control but God doesn't take vacations." Actually I'm a lot more relaxed now that I'm not trying to control every aspect of life. I'm trying to go more with the flow and it's freeing. Still do work in my mind power thinking though because it works, a little too well sometimes.

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I'm letting him go and moving on in my life.


If he has not reciprocated any admiration for you and is seeing another woman, you are doing the right thing by letting go.


Actually I'm a lot more relaxed now that I'm not trying to control every aspect of life. I'm trying to go more with the flow and it's freeing.


I know what you mean by this. It's as simple as saying if it's meant to be, it's meant to be


There is only so much you can control, after a certain point you just have to see where life takes you. Looking to fate, God, destiny or other higher powers, etc. can be a source of comfort. It doesn't mean you give up all control or live irrationally, it just means that you have tried everything in YOUR power and now you're going to relax a bit and see what the future brings you instead of stressing over it.



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I really think that's a dumb question honestly.


There are no dumb questions out there, DN doesn't know you from Adam and if you think about it there are all kinds of beliefs out there and it's not odd at all that he asked what yours were.


Part of making a solid judgement is getting more information, wouldn't you say? and since you used the phrase "divine intervention", the question seems completely legitimate to me.

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Although annoyed with my question, I was fascinated by your beliefs. I think it's interesting to learn about why people think the things they do, and was just curious as to why you thought that way. This is why I asked. The more exposure you have to different people who have different beliefs, the more enlightened you become - this is my philosophy.


Sorry things did not work out as you had hoped with that man. Best of luck.

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As I read Jetta's post on Divine Intervention I felt the same way as chai714. I personally dont think there is any stupid questions here. I think as Hope stated we are just trying to get as much information as possible to try and give you solid advice.


I do have to say that sometimes people can take things the wrong way when it is in text. I mean when you talk to a friend or a loved one you can get a feel from their body language on things. Well here is a different place because you only have the text on the screen to deal with.

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The question I thought was dumb was about me having any control. Yes that is true there are no dumb questions, I just took offense to that particular one is all.


As far the girl being a girlfriend, I don't know what to think. He was not flirting with her or touching her or anything. He told her who I was as in "That's {my name}" pointing me out, not introducing me. He continually made eye contact with me. He was just sitting next to her and choose to leave with her, but the fact she was there made me uncomfortable and sick to my stomach really. It could have been a friend or not. I'm just overall tired of the game so I figure if he really wants me he'll figure out how to find me, and if he doesn't well I'll find someone else eventually.


This is after hearing a few days ago that he really likes me. Well the real comment was "His eyes light up when he looks at you." So I don't know I could just be overly sensative. Either way I've left things up to him.

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I believe that there is no such thing as a dumb question. However, the same thing cannot be said for answers.


Was that remark really necessary?


It was just an observation and is not original. Why are you assuming it was directed at you?

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