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Quick question... What are the laws about what happens to someone who commits suicide's debt? Say I committed suicide and had £10,000 worth of debt, would my family be responsible for repaying it or... what? Obviously it must have to be paid somehow otherwise all people who commit suicide would go out and spend spend spend on their last day.



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What kind of debt?


- If it is unsecured debt (think credit cards), the survivors might get harassed a little, but legally they might not be obliged to pay it off.

- Car loan? Easy. Your car gets reposessed.

- Mortgage? Foreclosure--if anybody else lives in your house, they'll have to either transfer the mortgage in their name and keep paying off your debt or move out.

- Student loans? Chances are you had a co-signer, and in the case of your death, that person will be solely and fully responsible for all you owed. For loans you got through your school, I think your family will still have to pay them off (not sure).

- Debt to loan sharks & gambling debt? A suicide might cause major problems and difficulties to your family if you were irresponsible enough to borrow money that way.


Jesus. Get a job, then get a second job, and pay off your debt. Don't burden others with your mistakes.

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So are you going to tell us what's really wrong? or continue to ask relativly trivial questions?


Debt is nothing compared to a life.


And as NB said - I know the answer - But I'd prefer that you talked through your problems first - if that doesn't work - I'll tell you the answer.

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nothings the matter, all i wanted was an answer to a question, stop being so cynical and condesending. Why presume im in debt? Maybe i'm looking to have a good time before jumping infront of a bus? looks like ill have a terrible time then do it


Which would also be suicide. And seeing as it is posted under the suicide topic - suggests to me that the main theme is, indeed, suicide.


And not... say finances. Which could be under something like Personal Growth.

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