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is she liking me?


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well we had our first date today and it went well. we are going on a nother date friday, so i guess we are now dating, right? going on another date is considered dating right?


anyway, the date went well, she said she had a great time, so did i. i like her alot but i don't know if she is liking me the same way. i bought her a flower and she hugged me when she saw it. during the date, whenever we would talk, she would always laugh, and she would always make eye contact. after the date, she hugged me again. i didn't make any sign that i wanted a hug, but she hugged me anyway. i heard that she doesn't hug alot of guys from her friend and actually her (shes never had a bf).


before the date, a couple days ago we talked for about 2 hours on the phone and then the next day for about 3 1/2 hours. just about everything.


is she liking me? i don't know if she does...i actually met some of her family on the date and whenever she would introduce me, she would say "this is my friend ..." also when asked, are you guys dating? she said no. well any help is appreciated. i am really liking her, just don't know if she feels the same.


she also said on the phone that i'm the only guy that she likes, even though she doesn't know me all that well and said it's awkward talking about it so we stopped right there. but i don't know if she really does, or she is just saying it because i told her that i was liking her...and some things that we have talked about and how she always refers to me as a friend. any help is appreciated though.

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Looks good to me, relax, and let it flow naturally, be yourself, be confident.


dont look into every detail and be over analytical. your just getting to know each other, dont expect her to say she loves you right off the bat.


from what you explained, she seems like a very nice girl, hope things work out!!


good luck.

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It seems possible that she likes you but before you get too excited, at this point its not clear if she likes you more than a friend. The best advice that I can give you is that you dont want to dwell on your feelings for this girl, you know that you like her, so instead focus on the activities you are doing. Have fun when you go out.

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Most people won't admit to parents and family that they're dating someone...at least as a guy I don't really involve my parents in my life that way. It seems almost as if it's a weakness of some sort to admit to them that I'm seeing someone...I dont know why, I'd just rather not let them in on it. So that could be why she's introducing you as a friend, the same thing happened to me with another girl, but that was because we were kind of hiding it from both our parents that we were dating...so not exactly the same, but close.


If you really want to know what to do, I think near the end of the next date, you should try and kiss her. I know you said she's never had a b/f, and I dont know about you, but it seems like everything's okay. So when she hugs you, instead of completely letting go after the hug, hold on to her, but not really tight...just so she's still facing you....and give it a shot....you'll never know unless you try. Before that tho, just to get some more proof behind the fact that she really likes you, try holding her hand at some point earlier in the date a few times, and it doesn't have to be long, but if she's letting you...it's not a bad thing. In the end, you'll really know whether she likes you like you do her, I think it's just her inexperience tho, she's not sure what to do...so just enjoy yourself, and hope it goes your way.

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dude, if she ever seems uncomfortable, it may be because, as you said, she's never had a boyfriend before..it's a new experience for her, so just keep being yourself and remember to be her friend above anything...

and yeah, I think it's official you two are dating, but i never got the concept of that lol...if you guys like eachother and ure together then why wouldn't you be dating??

n e ways, keep it up man!!

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