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Think this girl likes me, what do you think?

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So there's a girl that in my office's building. Not in my officer, but on another floor. I would see her outside smoking when I was on breaks, and thought "hey she's cute." Never said anything.


So one day I'm smoking and she comes out. She can't get her lighter to work, so I lit it with mine. We now talk every day. She laughs alot, makes lots of eye contact, and seems happy to see me.


She has also made remarks and questions that I think indicate something. What do you guys think?


She's asked me "So you live alone? No girlfriend or pets?" Why ask about a girlfriend? She could have left it after Alone.


And today she was talking about needing to lose weight. I said "Stand up" she fought me on it, but eventually did. She opened her jacket and showed me her body, which I honestly said "looks fine to me."


Keeping on the fat subject she said "I wish it would at least go to the right places." Made no sense to me, because who wants fat? So I asked "Where exactly are the right places?" Turns out breasts and butt. Learn something new every day. The conversation continued about her breasts and butt for a moment. Women always talk about intimate things with me for some reason. Sometimes I mind, others I don't. But either way it makes no sense why.


So she complimented me some and I complimented her. We left to go back to work.


She has known me for maybe a week tops, making think these are signs. Maybe I'm just easy to talk to. Hell I don't know! What do you guys think?

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