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told her that..

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Me and this gal were talking and i told her that i prefer a challenge than someone whose all over me!


This is how the convo went.... (we were talking about this gal whose all over me)


me - i prefer a challenge and not someone whose really into me


her - oo learning a few things about you here


me - that i prefer a challenge?


her - yup


me - dont you find it annoying tho when a guy just keeps going on and on, and cleary show signs of intrest? isnt it a lil put off?


her - depends whether i like him i suppose


me - true, but ive been known to really like girls, and do so much to get them intrested in me when there cleary not, that when i finally do get them intrested, i forget about them, theres no fun left lol


her - hmm i see where ur coming from


her again - so u've learnt from past experinces?


me - yeh i suppose so, i just find it a major turn on that after a good night or date with a girl, that there not all over me and desperate for another date, it leaves a challenge there for me


her - yep i agree i think. makes u want thme more that they arnt wanting u


her again - if you see what i mean!


me - yeh totally! (moved the convo onto something she was looking for in a mag)


dunno if i should of done this, does it matter? how will it change her behaviour?


also on a side note, im a lil older than her, and shes sometimes shes asking me questions about sex and stuff "from a guys perspective?" like tonite she was looking for something in a magazine to ask a guys opinion on it (she didnt find what she was looking for but she said shed ask me when she does)


does this mean anything?



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yeh i suppose so, i just find it a major turn on that after a good night or date with a girl, that there not all over me and desperate for another date, it leaves a challenge there for me


I don't know how she would read it but if I were her I'd read it as you are more interested in the chase than any relationship and that you are a player as opposed to someone I'd think seriously about a relationship with.

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If you're up front with the girls before hand then I can't see any problem if they want to continue with your game. This girl seems ok with it. So I'd say go ahead.


Some other girls may not like the idea. It all depends on their personality and whether they're just looking for fun or a serious relationship.


Have fun.

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If she's the same way she's not going to mind. Problem is you guys would be in danger of falling into a game playing mood and then all you will have is the chase. At some point the chase has to lose its thrill and you have to enjoy the real relationship. Cause when you get to the real stuff, thats when the real fun begins.

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i have a feeling if this girl is interested in you.... she will all of a sudden become alot more elusive... and will try to get you to chase her....


i for one find this annoying, since id much rather toss your feelings and thoughts out on the table, and than sort through them, instead of trying to figure out, guess, and post on these forums about stuff like this!!!


either way, she probably will act diff around you if she is interested


side note: I will NEVER tell a girl that im interested in about things that i like.. or dont like... since i hate when they blow it out of porportion... just like i would never tell a girl i was interested in that i dont like getting alot of phone calls.... since the last thing i want is for her to never call me!! (just for future reference~)

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