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wow i so need some help here


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there is one girl at my school that i really like. i asked her if she was doing anything saturday. she said well im going with some friends to a football game then i asked if she would want to go see a movie if she wasnt going. then she said im probably going to be busy so sorry but i cant. does this girl hate me with a passion, or did i do something wrong, or is it possible that maybe she was actually doing something? should i ask her or would that ruin my last standing chance of possibly going out with her? what should i do.


is this my last option?!


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Her hating you with a passion is probably VERY unlikely.


It's always possible that women are telling the truth. (hehehehe)


I say give it a break for a small amount of time, and then ask her again. If again she is busy, leave it. If she is interested she will make an effort to contact you if she really wants to do something with you.

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thanks. i was kinda exagerating on the whole hatred thing. but i mean all the signs were there (or so i thought). she flirted with me in our classes. maybe im just not that attractive? i thought girls saw past that. or thats the lying part of em lol.


thnx anyways



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Are you're interested in football? If you are then why don't you ask if you could go with them? Maybe it would be a good idea just to casually bump into them while you are there?


If you don't fancy that option then wait a few days and ask her out again.


Definitely, give it another try before you give up on her.


Good luck.

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well, the thing is it was at a football game like a ways away, so its not like i could get there (im 14 and dont have anyone who gives a dips **** to take me over there. lol). but yeah ill try again, i just really think we have a lot in common and i really want to spend time with her but it seems awkward to tell her that.


thnx ya'll



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