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Getting a hold of her

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Alright heres the deal. I am supposed to be going out on a date with this girl. Well we text each other a lot during school and tend to flirt a lot at work. We also know that we are interested in each other. We both show it so much. What gets me is how I can never get a hold of her when I am at my house or doing something other than school or work. I call her and I can never reach her. She says that she is usually asleep. Or the other day she went to the gym. I know she is telling the truth. So shes not purposely not answering her phone. Well I havent been able to talk to her on the phone for almost 4 days now. And whats funny is she tells me to call her. I am not angry at her, I just want to talk to her. But I never can! I get her voicemail. I am trying to set up the date for this Saturday, but can't! What do I do?


Take this into mind. She goes to another school and I only see her at work. And I only have her cell #. Please girls chime in and say what you think might be the deal.



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Honestly I think she's being shy...



also, do you leave messages when you get her voicemail? or do you just try to call again later? I dont see anything wrong w/ leaving a message saying that you might want to do something Saturday, and to have her call you back if she isnt able to come or something.. that way she is more or less foriced to talk to ya

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All right, from here on out, I am never going to panic about stuff like this again. I am so new to all of this that I am easily scared when this happens. Well I saw her at work yesterday and she told me not to worry (i guess she sensed it while looking at me) because she hadn't forgoten about me or was blowing me off. She said her and her dad had to go get her a new cell phone yesterday. Well her dad decided to keep her phone and monitor her calls. So thats why I couldn't reach her. Me and her worked out the date thing last night after work and its still on.


And yesterday for the first time, she called me sweetie. Is she becoming more open with me? If so what could I say back to show her that affection? And without coming off too strong? Again, I am never going to freak out. I am gonna play it cool and see what happens. Thanks for your input!




PS. Yes I always leave a nice message when I get her voicemail.

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