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how can i get close to her?


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ok so basically i met this girl the other nite, i was shy so we didnt talk that much. but it turns out she has some interest in me to i got her screen name and talked to her for a while last nite. i think i made it clear that i like her but i want to get close to her, were planing on hanging out together with friends soon. but before we hang out again i want to get close to her rite now i can talk to her online and i might be able to get her phone number which im not sure its a great i dea yet but anywaty im going into 11th grade and her 10th any tips?

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As excited as you are, be her friend first but one step ahead. You don't want to be too pushy or you'll scare her away. Just be confident, no need to show off or impress her with a gift or anything. Like you would talk to your friend be casual and create a good atmostphere for her & she'll open up to you. Good luck

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