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k Last night me and my bf had sex and for some reason it really really hurt me. It was like something was stuck in there....we tried diff positions but it was so bad that I just wanted to finish and get it over with. Any other females had this happen to them before?


I was NOT nervious...we do it all the time.

yes I was turned on, till it started hurting so bad.

This time it wasnt different then any other times we've done it.


ps. Abviously Im not a virgin, and been sexually active for ysr, this is the second time in YEARS for this feeling to happen...


any ideas?

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I think the first question I would have is what if anything was different about last night versus nights when it did not hurt, and I would also try to think about what the two times it hurt had in common.


Also, it's one night. It's not every night. If you cannot on one night, well, you both should be able tod eal with that, so long as you can on other nights. Obviously, the more frequent the problem, the bigger the problem.

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When was the last time you had sex, b4 the time when it hurt?


You might have an internal tear. Sometimes it can happen without you even knowing and may not necessarily lead to any bleeding- but it will cause discomfort.


Or he could have been hitting your cervix, which can be painful. Sometimes you will be more sensitive to feeling the impact of that at different times of the month as your hormones change.


I would suggest giving your body a break for a couple of days. If this happens again, then you might want to tell your doc about it.



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This has happened to me before. Sometimes you can be turned on but your body hasn't reacted yet and you're not really wet enough for intercourse.


It sounds like tension of the muscles. But you say you weren't nervous or uncomfortable.


Were you relaxed?


This also sounds very likely. You can be turned on and ready to go but you're not totally relaxed and thereforeeee your muscles tense up, making intercourse almost unbearable.


I have one question: Did it continue to hurt for awhile after you'd finished having sex too? If so then one or both of the above are likely to be the reason. Hopefully you did something about it like taking advil or something. If you did and it felt better, eventually, then you have nothing to worry about. If not or you don't know, I would go to a doctor and check it out. Sometimes what you think is nothing becomes something so you should be 100% sure its nothing.



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This has happened to me before. Sometimes you can be turned on but your body hasn't reacted yet and you're not really wet enough for intercourse.


This will happen...and its frustrating.. mind is turned on but body not responding and not getting wet enough. Try some astral glide.. to help with lubrication. Too much rough will tear you up.


If he's well endowed and you've done it a few times... the cervix may get bruised. Avoid deep penetrating positions for a few days.


ooooorrrrrr.... A long time ago I had a kinked tube.. and the pain was more to the left side.. where my ovary was located. I felt it more during intercourse. It had healed on its onw...but had I not had a laporoscopy done years later.. it would have stayed kinked.


Jot a note in on your calandar and monitor it. If no more pain.. at least ask your gyno during your next visit.

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It can get uncomfortable if you've already oragasmed and he's still going at it. Yes. If you can't get lubricated again or excited again. So, try swiitching positions. Or using a lubricant. Sometimes if you allow yourself to relax again... the clime begins all over again.. and you can achieve multiple "O"s"....

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Is it natural to feel uncomfortable if a man keeps going for a while after the woman has come?


I thinks this happens to women a lot and then it becomes a vicious cycle because he senses you're no longer turned on- so it takes him even LONGER to get off.....


In a situation like that my best advice would be to be HONEST- don't just lay there and allow it to feel painful. If you're "done" and it's hurting and want to stop intercourse, help him reach his climax orally or with your hand. The men will appreciate your honesty and as long as they get off too- they won't mind. They can sense your displeasure anyways....



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For myself.. I don't think lube is cheating at all. For instance, if you've been having a sex marathon... the mind is all systems go.. and the other parts of you may.. ummmm be parched.. ie strenuous excersise you drink lots of water right???? or athletes will drink gatorade... I know during a marathon, I get thirsty as all get out.. and its only logical that other parts of me will.. need a little something something. A little lube... gets things going and it still feels really really good.. body will catch up with a little help. And thank-god to johnson and johnson.. or Dr. Kinsey or KY or... whoever invented the stuff.. because its GREAT!!!


OR... as the former poster suggested.. you can switch and help them over the edge orally... doesn't matter as long as a good time is had by all.

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Yeah in marathon nights, you can take turns, while one is receiving oral the other is recharging, and vice versa, really play it by ear.


KY is great stuff, although i very rarely have had to use it in the past with my partner, if anything, she lubricated way too much hehe.


well right now im on dry land being single and all again. sigh. but things are looking up.

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marathon nights.....

KY is great stuff, although i very rarely have had to use it in the past with my partner, if anything, she lubricated way too much hehe.

well right now im on dry land being single and all again. sigh. but things are looking up.


Yeah, I don't think it'd be a problem either...but after a long long dry spell A year or more. You have to work yourself up to MARATHON SEX....its like training for a TRIATHELON. And if you haven't trained up... then whooo hooo you need all the help you can get... lube and all.


Sorry to hear that you are on "Dry land" at this time. I'm sure that you'll bounce back quickly and jump back into the deep end of the pool in no time. But if you've taken any time off... just remember to prepare well for MARATHON SEX... or you just might end up Chafing a bit yourself...(indian burns.. friction burns) and get the ouchies.. From being overzealous and raring to go out the starting gates like a race horse. lol. Which I hear is also an uncomfortble experience for a man as well.


I suggest.. long soaking bathes with Baking soda.. Baking Soda soothigng the skin and bringing the pH level back to normal...or use an oatmeal bath.. treat yourself to a relaxing bath, candles, a glass of wine, soft music.. close your eyes... and hit REPLAY to remember the SEX MARATHON you just experienced... and use this recovery time to PLAN the next RODEO...

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hehe, I gotta smile here, because i do take a soak in sea salts at least once a week, helps with sleep, relax muscles.


recently I gave up soft drinks, I realised i was drinking way too many, and they just arent healthy, reading up on Nutrasweet and Splenda i realized how toxic they were. And although i could drink regular cokes they have a Ph of around 1.7 extremly acidic. plus I dont need the calories.


I am slim, but thats due to strict dieting which i have to maintain. but it has been easier since dropping the diet drinks, seems that nutrasweet messes with your hormone levels like sugar does anyway.


As for when Ill get back in the saddle, Im working on that, An old female friend as recently shown interest in hooking up, so Ill see how that goes.

if anything is out of shape, its my tongue muscles havent been getting any workout lately.


As for a guys stuff, and its taste, well I have read that certain foods change the taste and texture of it. lots of fruits like watermelon make it taste sweeter and less acrid. in anycase I dont care if my girl swollows or not, as long as she doesnt stop before im done. I am not really into receiving oral, I prefer vaginal satisfaction or giving oral on her. but there are times when a girl wants to make her man feel good and special, and I understand that.

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