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Love for Life


September 13, 2004

For My beautiful wife

by cam




The man that I've become is cuz of you

Working hard, sometimes all night through

For our young children to have

What they want to have

Instead of "you do nothing" how bout "I love you"


I know it's hard for you to say

"You're wrong and I love you anyway"

So tonight when you sleep

Promise that you'll keep

My heart in mind 'til your dying day


When I look at you I see my friend,

a soccer mom mother and again,

My buddy in strife

my lover for life

until the day it comes to end


Sometimes we don't see eye to eye

Yet, others we're made to cry

But when the long day is done

You are still the one

That I want to be with until I die


The time that we've shared together

Has made the each of us better

I know you're the one

With whom I'll have fun

Now, and in the happy ever after

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