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Embarrassing butt thing...

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OK, I have a giant blistery looking thing on my butt. Its like by the crack, but a little more inside then out. I don't know hard to explain. But its sore, and sorta has a red look to it, like a blood blister. It is about the size of the tip of my thumb (like from the joint to the tip). Weird thing is, it wasn't there this morning. I don't know what to do. Its to embarrassing to go to the doctor and say hey look at my butt blister.


Its not sexually anything. I am a virgin and I don't mess around. I don't know what it it tho! Sorta scared. Any ideas?

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Maybe u should get it checked out. If your shy about it then you should see a docter that you havnt been to before and never go back to him/her again Its better to get it checked out trust me, otherwise its going to be stressing you out until it goes away. Better safe then sorry

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Most likely an ingrown hair, but could be a rash or bug bite too.


Wash it real good, and put some antibiotic cream like neosporin. then a band aid.


check to see if it is starting to form a white head, thats a good indication its an ingrown hair.


if it gets worse, go to a dermatologist and get it checked out. I know showing your butt to some nurse is not something your excited about (maybe it is lol) but if it gets worse youll have to go, as it could be something more serious.

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To me it almost sounds like a boil... I could be totally wrong and you should definitely go and see a doctor or registered nurse about it, but my siter had boils when she was younger and what you have described sounds a lot like one.


But in any case, still see a doctor, whether it's yours or not.



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im 99.9% sure its a boil.


the most common of all places to get boils is on top of the crack on yoru butt, almost everyone who gets a boil, gets it thee.


i myself have suffered from boils which started with an ingrown hair, but instead i had them in my arm pit, i had to go onto antibiotics as they tend to just get bigger and BIGGER and become extremly painful..........the wuicker you nip this in the bud n get on antibiotics the better TRUST ME.........do it now. they get big quick, like u said it wasnt event here this mornin n now it is...........


you need to be careful if u do choose to leave it, as u can get blood poisoning, one of the times i got a boil ( i got 3 in row as my blood was bad) i wa sin japan n i left it, i got VERY sick and r said it was very dangerous to have left it as long as i did because u can get blood poisoning, and that i can die from.


i left it long enough until i got massive shootin pain in my arm so bad i couldnt sleep n was livin on nurofen over the prescribed amount, they get very painful if u leave them.........


just see ur dr, dont be shy, they so dont care, they see this stuff alllllll the time, because i took awhile to go to my dr each time i had to get my boils cut out, instead just goin on the antibiotics n that be it.........u dont wnat that so go see ur dr

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