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Can't get boyfriend to orgasm...

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Me and my boyfriend haven't had sex, but we've done pretty much everything else, and nothing i do will make him orgasm

He gets extremely arroused, and is very turned on, but he just never climaxs, even though he gets VERY near


He really doesn't understand why, and after the last time, he felt really guilty...


I just dont understand what could be causing this

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I'm no expert and can only speak from my experiences, but it may just be him. Has he always had trouble orgasming during sex? or do you know if it is just with you?


As for myself, I have trouble orgasming through sex. It takes me quite some time, infact it only happened for the first time recently after about 2 years of sexual activity.


In the meantime if it is frustrating, I suggest he masterbate during sex to help. If he is like me this will work everytime. Once he gets close through masterbation you should try to finish him to get his mind use to partner sex.


BTW: my first post. ^_^

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I've had this happen to me before, so i know how he's feeling. From what I've read, anxiety is a big factor, which only gets compunded as you go into another sexual situation feeling you didn't perform adequately the last time. If you are the first girl he's ever done anything with, he might feel a certain degree of "performance anxiety" as he's trying something new and wants to get everything "right," thats just my own experience talking. My advice is to make him as comfortable as you can before things heat up, maybe start things off by giving him a massage to help him relax. Maybe even try having a drink or 2 a little earlier in the evening, again just to relax no need to get ripped and kill the mood. Just do what you can to take the pressure off the situation, and make him as relaxed and comfortable as possible.


Hope that helped,


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