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Girl Waving/Smiling at me after rejecting me


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Im wondering what to do now that this chick is smiling and waving at me after she passes by(this happened twice in the same day) even though a couple of weeks ago she said over the phone she was "talking to someone already and didnt want to lead me on"


I havent talked to her since then, but looking at her (smoking) body, and her frendly smile, I feel that ive got to do something! Ive got a feeling it may be over since I didnt keep lines of communication open after she rejected me. (not saying anything, just smiling back)


Im looking for a jetski partner and I think that would really impress her if she would just give me a chance.........but I dont want her to think I cant take no for an answer, but im tired of going to the lake by myself on Saturdays. I need to exaust all options here, i think shes worth it!


Any ideas?

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It's possible that she's still trying to keep you interested because she hasn't "sealed the deal" yet so-to-speak with this other guy.


If you are going to get her, you really are going to have to be extremely confident. It seems like going to the lake to jetski would be a pretty cool first date. Unless she is really cruel, it sounds like she does have at least some interest in you. Since you've already talked to her on the phone, you at least know her a little bit. You need to ask her to go to the lake with you... be sure to act extremely confident and self-assured. Tell her about how much fun she'll have being with you, etc. etc.


Good luck

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maybe she is just trying to be nice so you dont think she is a b*tch?


maybe she wants to keep her self esteem high by seeing you get goofy when she smiles at you?


maybe she likes guys when they try to chase after her?


maybe she is just messing with you?


i dont know and i have know idea the kind of girl she is so i dunno. if you want to ask her to go jet skiing and you just cant hold it in than casually ask her but dont be surprised if she says no. the only reason i say this is because she is not being an ice queen to you, if she was i would say dont even try it.

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What I honestly think it is is that shes just being nice. So she smiled and waved? I've done that a number of times to people and that doesn't mean I like them at all nor does it mean my interests have changed. Listen man, she rejected you before, and I'm not one to say give in on a situation, but you already put the offer out there, if her mind were to change, I think she would approach you first. Maybe she feels bad for turning you down so shes smiling and waving to be nice to soften the blow. At any rate, if shes supposedly seeing some guy, you need to just step back, don't be too overbearing, asking once was good enough. If things fell through with the guy and her interests were to point towards you, she would be giving you a lot more clear signs than just a smile and wave, and when those signs show, you come here and ask us first . I'm not saying that its not a possibility here, or that she would say no if you asked her, but I just think you might want to just hang out for a bit and see what happens here. If you weird her out again, I think your chances might be totally blown for good.

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I had to agree with fmfisdead. Speaking from my own painful experience (just a few weeks ago), some girls can be really nice and that's probably part of the reason why they caught your eyeballs. They will still smile at u and talk with you after they rejected you, just to make you feel better. But I was so stupid and thought that they are playing hard-to-get. My suggestion, set your sights on some other luckier girls.

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I hate to say it... she is just a pretty girl who is being nice. Your interepetation of her smile and wave might be clouded by your attraction to her. I am sure if she is as hot as you say then she is used to guys with their goofy smiles and drooling over her. She just might like it. That is very common.

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I agree with everyone else here.


She's probably just being nice and trying to keep you as a friend or acquantince. After all, if a guy asked me out and I told him no, that doesn't mean I'm going to shun him forever! I know this guy as a person, so I'll still say hi to him and wave, just like how I would say hi to my teacher, or how I would say hi to that girl I only met once the other day.


In all reality, she probably smiles and waves to a bunch of people every day. Not just you.


Move on and find a girl who fits you right.

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