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Well you all probably know my story. Up til now I've been doing real well with all this. I'm over the shock and pretty much have some to terms with the fact that this is done. I have moments when I feel sad and angry but they pass. usually times when I'm all alone with my thoughts. my "wife" is still very contradictiory with her behaviour but I have started to just take it as her having a hard time letting go of this. I'm not reading into anything. I leave for the UK in two days I told her that for this first month we should only speak once a week and then about our son so she can get the bottle to just tell me its done and get on with a divorce she at the moment doesnt want.


But theres one problem: her and someone else. She is adament that she is "not available" for anyone. She doesnt want someone. Of course thats not the way it is. She may really want and believe that but well, shes not a nun. Honestly the thought of her with someone else is hard to take but I know I'd be able to handle it. But there is one person I know that I just cant get out of my head. She doesnt know him, i dont think shes ever met him but hes the ONE person I would dread her getting with and in all honesty, I could see it happening. When my mates met that guy in a bar one of them called the next day to see if I wanted to come out for a few beers an I said sure. He said theres some english guy coming alone.."hes one man who you keep well away from your missus". Well yeah, hes a good looking guy, good job..a lot of girls seem to like him. My missus is very good looking. I think he commented once on that himself. Ive NEVER been jealous or suspicious of my wife. I was always secure in our relationship, but I just have this dreaded feeling that if they should meet- they'll get together. Damn, its so hard to shake. Shes already told me she wont be getting together with anyone and esp not anyone I know "thats a big no no" she says, but well..you cant stop yourself falling for someone.


Yes I know its stupid to pine over something that you just cannot stop. and something that hasnt happen and may never happen, but its so damn hard. I feel like hell over this. I really think if theres anyone she could do something with - its him. the fact that I know the guy and dont get a long too well with him and the fact I know hes a real slimey git makes it worse. i have images in my head of her saying "i love you" to him, rubbing his face, holding his hand, crying over him..and it makes me insane! Honestly spoken, anyone and I mean ANYONE else, I could get over, but him! that would be the worst nightmare come through. If shes gonna do something with him, then its going to happen. I know I cant stop it or whatever and I guess its no longer my place or anything to interfere, but hell! Thats like the worst kick in the teeth i could think of.


sorry...i needed a rant 8)

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Here's a good question for you: do you think your wife would even want to be with someone as scummy as the guy you describe? Just for the moment, assume that she does fall for this guy (which I would guess is not overly likely). Is she really the type that would want a guy with the bad qualities he has? You should know her well enough to answer this. And if the answer is "of course not," then this guy really isn't going to be a long-term threat, right?

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