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I saw soulmate guy


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Thursday and I haven't actually since him since June. He's the guy who plays a lot of games, and intuitively I know what he's doing. I was really getting tired and hurt by the games so I was trying to release him and prayed to release him.


Well he looked rough when I saw him, down, beat up, just awful. That isn't at all like the guy I remembered, who I deemed full of ego, very attractive, outgoing, etc. Despite the change I was still drawn to him. I just couldn't turn away, as I normally would. The glow in his eyes is when I knew it was him. Now if I were making a list this is not a person I would normally choose, but with him lists don't matter. Has anyone here had such a strong connection with someone that just seemed so unlikely? Because with this guy I have it.


He wanted to approach but I was talking with the life changing guy (really I think my dad who passed was speaking through this man). He also told me to give someone in my life a 2nd chance. Now I think the someone he means is soulmate guy, originally I was thinking ex-husband. He blew the ex thought away during the conversation itself. It took me until today to figure out who that 2nd chance person was because I was thinking soulmate guy needed to give me a 2nd chance. I guess I was the one holding the resentment.


So for those you have yet to meet a soulmate. When you do it's bound be an experience of a lifetime. I still haven't really connected with this guy. We met in October 2004. They say soulmates are slow to reveal themselves as soulmates. Oh there was friendly contact early on, but then we just couldn't because the energy was too strong. Truthfully I don't know if a relationship will develop or even last but I do know that there has been a lot of growth in the last year.

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Ouch. Tough situation. Sounds like you really like this guy A LOT. But, make sure that he likes you just as much.


A soulmate connection is really deep. Have I ever felt it? Yes. Did it grow into something stronger than I wish it could've? No. Do I still believe in soulmates? Maybe, not really as much though.


From my experience, it's best not to use the term soulmate too loosely, beause we set ourselves up for disappointment/heartache. I used to believe that if we met our soulmates, then things would naturally work itself out. But, in reality, things just don't work that way.


I would proceed this relationship with caution. Try to think with more of your head than your heart. Let him show you how much you mean to him. Don't go chasing him. If he really wants to be around you, he will find excuses to. He will find ways to be around you. When a guy likes you that much, no matter how shy he is, he will ifnd a way to be around you. He wouldn't just let you slip away. That's just what I know from personal experience. And, if he's not actively trying to pursue you, then maybe his feelings aren't the same as yours?


Give it some time and see how things end up.

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Good advice. You know I used to have some concerns but I now know his feelings are as strong as mine. His friends have really been protecting him because they weren't sure of my feelings; I was married and seriously contimplating divorce when we initially met. I was protecting myself because he didn't reveal his best qualities first.


I still will go a day or encounter at a time but yes I like him a lot and plan to see where it goes. I do know his feelings are strong because I did something thinking it would hurt my ex and it indirectly hurt him. He said I hurt his heart. We talked but then he just kind of faded away so I thought it was over. He returned a couple months later and ended up doing something that really hurt me. Now we've met again.


Like I said I can't forsee the future. I just know that neither of us can let go yet.

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