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so heres my story, my bf and i just broke up 2 weeks ago..we had petty quarrels and misunderstanding i admit, but cant really believe that we would end up this way...

we have a long distance relationship(but just a town a way from him)...to make the long story short:

ive known him to be so nice, sweet, thoughtful, caring, loving and evrythin as in everythin that i could ask for a guy..


but came one day...it seems that he just suddenly change...


this dillema start when he lost his fone and we somehow lost communications...thats really big deal for me coz i always wanna know if he's always doin fine...


came one time when had a chance to talk on fone then ive told him everything thats been bothering me...

1. that, why he cant even send a txt msg to me(using his mom/frnds cp)

2. that, i dont feel anymore that he exist (that its seems that i dont have a bf anymore)

3. it seems that hes not missing me..

4. etc...etc..


and then i ask him to meet up but been rejected twice but agree again but at the last minute when am actually on the venue...he told me that he cant make it cause he cant leave her sister alone in their house...(to think that thats just a ride a way from their house)



~i dont know if this things have something to do with all this happenings but let me share it also~


1. i always used to pay the bills everytime we go out.

2. i even lend him money

3. give him cellphone loads

4. help him in his school works



actually i dont really mind doin this things bcz i know that im here to help him...



~~one time he had told me that..."he feel so small when we are together, and whatever that he do its seems that he's just nothing compare to me... and that i always dominate him"


***he's still in college and am already working, they are not rich but we are a bit well off and just have a nice house"


do this things have something to do with whats been happening to us right now?


i really dont know what went wrong b/c its seems he just suddenly change to another person...



pls..i need some insights....


any help would really be deeply appreciated...

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