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Just to let you guys know, this isn't a true story... just letting some anger out... parts of it are true, but I let my emotions carry me away with this one, lol... let me know what you guys think....



Hands clasped over my ears

I taste the salt of my tears


I try to block it out

Pretend I don't hear

The angry voices in the hall

I try my best not to fear

My sister's crying now

But Daddy's not done

And as I hear his voice raise

I know he's just begun

I'm hiding in my closet

Trying hard not to be scared

But I know when Daddy's drunk

His judgment is impaired

I hear his fists pounding

Her cries I hear no more

Then all is silent

As I hear the slam of the front door

I slowly creep from my hiding place

And cautiously open the door

My eyes fill with tears again

Her body's crumpled on the floor

The carpet's covered in red

And I rush to her side

God, don't let her be dead

I cradle her lifeless body

As I try to find the phone

But there's nothing to be done

And I realize I'm not alone

I look up to see

His malicious grin

And I grimace in pain

At the blow to my abdomen

I try to run away

Try to break free

But I saw what he did

And now he'll kill me

I crawl to the kitchen

Dragging him at my feet

I'm trying, I'm fighting

These waves of defeat

I will not give in

Not to this creep

I grabe a kitchen knife

And thrust it in deep

The look in his eyes

So cold, so full of hate

My adrenalin is pumping strong

I'm in an awfull state

I just killed my father

Murdered him with a kitchen knife

I murdered my father

To avenge my sister's life

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