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The longing... is this normal??

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Hi guys!!! its been a while since my last post. I'm having a little confusing feeling. It all started from my trip. I'm just going to summarize and make it short as I could, please bear with me.


I went back to my hometown and stayed there for a month. I had a lot of fun seeing my old friends & old classmates and all that. Until one day when me and my bestfriend are having a stroll met a bunch of people that we also know by the way. Being the goofy person that I am, joked with them, I'm a kind of girl that easily gets along with guys. I was joking around with one of the guys and most of the time, I always have the upper hand of the joke, but this time, I'm the one who is loosing and for some apparent reason I'm a little nervous around this guy. We all went home and having the confused thought in my head, "Why am I nervous/scared around this guy?" I just brushed it off and again went out for a stroll with my friends the next night. I bumped into HIM, and i have this weird thought. "Why is he here?" oh well, i just thought that maybe its just a coincidence that he would be there. He asked if he could join us. I looked at my friends and they said to let him since that we are all girls, so he joined us and all of us chatted until it is time to go home. The whole night I'm a little uncomfortable coz I'm nervous. He dropped us all home, since he brought his car that night and drove us all home, being me the last person to be dropped. He left me off at my front gate, he said good-nite and shyly said my thanks and goodnite and head off to my house. He blurted out if he could call and i said its ok to call. I rushed in, and rushed to get on my PJs, brushed my teeth you know the nightly ritual and rushed to stand by the phone. 12:45 AM the phone rang, and we talked until 3:00 AM I urged him to go to sleep, since that he told me he had to drive his father to work early next day. He has to be up by 6:30 AM. He had told me that if he could come over the next day, and I said yes, so he told me that the minute he gets back from dropping his father he would call me and then he will get ready, and then call me again to tell me, that he would be on his way. I agreed. We both slept at the same time, and I woke up at 6:00 AM having an upset stomach.


I was pacing back & forth, my stomach is hurting and by that time i think I'm having diarrhea. Until he called and everything is fine!! We are always together every single day, and there are times that we are even together from 8:00 AM to 2:00 AM. My mom would even say, You're parents are not looking for you?? (lol) He introduced me to his parents, and family. And we officially became a couple a few weeks later.


I have never met anyone in my life that there is an instant chemistry like him. He likes to joke around as much as I do. We are always laughing together, share our thoughts together, helps me when I'm down. The thing is, I have this feeling that He is the one I want to be married to. I want to be married with him, have his kids. I just find it weird that I'm thinking of something like this, this early in my relationship with him. Its a strong feeling.


Can someone help me, why I feel this. THis longing that I gotta marry him and have a family with him.


Please help!!!!

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As DN said.. enjoy the journey. Isn't it wonderful!!!!


The chemistry.. yeah... sometimes it fall on you like a ton of bricks. And you wonder.. how did this happen. Why question it. Let the world open up to you. Each door will open as it becomes necessary. Just let things flow into their natural progression. Enjoy the ride.

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